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Wednesday, December 7, 2016

The UN Agency for Migration (IOM) launched the First Global Film Festival on Migration to which the missions of El Salvador, Guatemala and Honduras joined in order to celebrate the diversity and remarkable contributions that mobile populations provide to both their communities of origin and to the countries where they now live.

The official opening was on December 5th, during the celebration of IOM's 65th Anniversary in Geneva, and will run until December 18th for the commemoration of the International Day of Migrants. The Festival is also part of the UN's global campaign Together, which seeks to change perceptions and negative attitudes towards migrants and refugees.

"The cinema brings us closer to stories about migrants. From Charles Chaplin with his film The Immigrant, to the ones we are watching at the Festival, the cinema helps us explain to the world how the drama is lived and also the joy of human mobility", said IOM's Chief of Mission to El Salvador, Guatemala and Honduras, Jorge Peraza Breedy

Thus, IOM honors all the films that capture beauty and the challenges of migration, by displaying them in 73 countries for free. Projections are being made at universities, cultural centers, migrant centers, commercial and non-commercial cinemas, shelters, embassies, parks and IOM's offices.

In the so-called Central American Northern Triangle, IOM began simultaneous screening on December 6th in Tegucigalpa and Nacaome, Honduras, with the films Tan fragil como un segundo and  Chicas Nuevas 24 Horas. In El Salvador, the Festival arrived in San Salvador on December 7th and will later arrive in San Miguel on December 9th, and December 15th in Santa Ana. Guatemala City will also join the screening on December 16th.

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