Emergency Response

IOM leads the Camp Coordination and Camp Management cluster (CCCM), in which an efficient and comprehensive humanitarian assistance is coordinated with other partners in El Salvador. Under the CCCM, IOM established a working platform through agreements with several partners with extensive experience in humanitarian response, a strong presence and leadership at the national level.

In addition, IOM accompanies the Salvadoran government through the Technical Sectorial Shelters Commission (CTSA), which is led by the Ministry of Interior, and serves as a liaison between the government, the United Nations EmergencyTechnical Team (UNETE), and the CCCM Cluster.

IOM also provides technical support to the Directorate General of Civil Protection, Disaster Prevention and Mitigation of El Salvador through the CTSA. IOM assistance in this area is through monitoring, evaluation, field, camp management, delivery of non-food products, counseling, construction, remodeling or adequacy of temporary shelters. Likewise, IOM has supported the development and design of the Practical Guide to Planning, Assembly and Coordination of Temporary Shelters in El Salvador.