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Saturday, January 23, 2016

The International Organization for Migration (IOM) and El Salvador´s National Civil Police (PNC) inaugurated a series of training sessions, to be held throughout 2016, as part of the efforts to strengthen the capacities for assistance, as well as for the promotion of Human Rights of the mobile populations.

The sessions begun with a workshop called Protection and Assistance to Migrants People in Vulnerable Conditions in which issues such as inter-institutional procedures with emphasis on migrant children; Interview procedures in cases of trafficking and smuggling of migrants; Migrant Children, Youth and Migration; LGBTI population and migration, were discussed, among others.

The official inauguration was led by PNC’s Head of Airport Unit, Division of Immigration Control, Jose Bogran Acosta, and IOM’s Mesoamerica Project Coordinator, Cecilia Ramirez.

The workshop is part of a series of trainings that will be given to various government agencies, with the aim to provide practical information on mechanisms for intra and interagency referral, as well as to analyse the needs for protection and assistance of the migrants - in the country of origin, transit, destination and return - in order to provide rights-based responses.

The trainees are key actors that work at the border points of San Cristobal, La Hachadura, Las Chinamas, Angiatú, Acajutla, El Poy, Monsignor Romero Airport, Airport of Ilopango, El Amatillo, La Union Port, Barillas Port, and Perquin.

These events take place under the regional program Strengthening Capacities to Protect and Assist Migrants in  Vulnerable Situations in Mesoamerica (Mesoamerica Project), implemented by IOM with funding from the Bureau of Population, Refugees and Migration (PRM) United States’ Department of State.

IOM is aware that the guarantee of fundamental rights of vulnerable populations cannot be addressed individually, thus IOM favours strategic alliances with related institutions to optimize migration management, and so to contribute to El Salvador in implementing the Sustainable Development Goals (SDG), specifically with regard to the end of contemporary forms of slavery and trafficking, as well as all forms of violence and torture against children and adolescents.

The PNC was created in El Salvador, after the signing of the peace accords, in order to protect and guarantee the free exercise of the rights and freedoms of individuals, prevent and combat all types of crime, maintain internal peace the peace, order and security, in strict compliance with Human Rights.

IOM recognizes the progress made by the government of Salvador Sanchez Cerén and reiterates its commitment to continue contributing to facilitate an orderly, safe and more humane migration; by strengthening response capacities of key institutions.

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