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Monday, May 29, 2017

IOM promoted the right to freedom of expression in children and adolescents and celebrated their talent with the award of the contest Mi Comunidad en Movimiento in Nacaome and Goascorán, Honduras; as well as in San Miguel and Santa Ana, El Salvador.

The competition was aimed at promoting the rights of mobile populations and at the same time reporting on the risks of irregular migration. This is how children and adolescents from these municipalities expressed their points of view through the categories of drawing, poetry and story-telling.

Nacaome and Goascorán have high rates in their migratory flows, both population in transit and returnees. In Nacaome, the category of poetry was won by Andrés Bu with a work titled Hay un muro. Meanwhile, the story En busca del sueño americano, written Alex Martinez, was chosen by the jury. For the drawing category, the work done by Lisbeth Gómez won. In Goascorán, the winners were Carlos Maldonado in the category of poetry; Alexa Ramírez thanks to the story entitled La Migración Segura; and Sandra Maritza Álvarez in drawing. In El Salvador, the winners were: Karla Tatiana M. and Jennifer C., in the poetry category; Allison Adalis A. and Evelyn Susana D., in the story category; and Fatima C. and Gabriela Beatriz M., in the drawing category. The awards ceremonies were attended by the respective municipal mayors of San Miguel and Santa Ana; Nacaome and Goascorán.

"Through activities such as this, IOM seeks to foster in children and adolescents a sense of integration, protection and defense of migrants in communities of origin, transit and destination, promoting the inclusion of all", said Jorge Peraza Breedy, IOM's Chief of Mission for El Salvador, Guatemala, and Honduras.

IOM El Salvador's National Program Officer, Diana Ruiz, added: "The works that these children and teenagers have produced help us to reflect on the risks and the crimes associated with irregular migration, to explain how this type of migration can affect us, not only in a personal way but also how they come to influence our families and communities".

This talent contest was developed within the framework of the Program for the Prevention of Crimes Related to Irregular Migration in Mesoamerica, jointly implemented by IOM, UNHCR and OAS, with funding from the European Union.

For more information, please contact the IOM Honduras' office, Ismael Cruceta at [email protected], or at the OIM El Salvador's office, José Miguel Gómez at: [email protected].