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Monday, October 24, 2016

IOM trained representatives of the Honduran Consular Network in Mexico about the mechanisms to identify and assist mobile populations in vulnerable situations.

The workshop, named The role of Honduran consulates in protecting migrants in Mexico, had the aim of optimizing services of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and International Cooperation (SRECI), offers to Hondurans who live or pass through to the country, particularly those who are at major risk of having their rights violated.

The training sessions were developed for three days and covered topics such as procedures to protect human trafficking victims; risk assessment; international policy of Rights of migrants, among others.

Meanwhile, IOM delivered 14 computers and seven multifunctional printers to the Undersecretary of Consular Affairs and Migration in order to optimize information transfer between the Honduran Foreign Ministry, embassies, and consulates in Mexico. The equipment will allow the documentation of violations of Human Rights, as well as negotiate the remission of Honduran migrants who require special support from the State of Honduras.

According to data obtained by the Consular Observatory Network and Honduras Migration (CONMIGHO), some 39, 465 migrants have returned from Mexico. Of these returnees, 1, 786 people have returned by air and 37, 679 by land.

This initiative forms a part of the project Improving attention, case identification, and protection services of migrants of the Honduran Consular System, funded by IOM for Development.

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