Date Publish: 
Thursday, July 9, 2015

The International Organization for Migration (IOM) signed a cooperation agreement with the Ministry of Foreign Affairs aimed to strengthen the Salvadoran consular network, in Mexico, with tools that will improve the process of recording human rights violations.

The signing was done as part of a regular session of the National Council for the Protection of Migrants and their families (CONMIGRANTES), at the headquarters of the Salvadoran Foreign Ministry, by the Chief of IOM Mission to El Salvador, Guatemala and Honduras, Jorge Peraza, and the Vice Minister for Salvadorans Abroad, Liduvina Magarín.

This cooperation agreement included IOM’s donation of computers and software that will be used for the documentation of cases reported to the Salvadoran consulates in Mexico. "With these tools the Salvadoran government can get tangible information on violations of human rights of irregular migrants traveling to the north of the continent. This will not only have statistics, but comparable data that will help to make informed decisions", said IOM’s Chief of Mission to El Salvador, Guatemala and Honduras, Jorge Peraza.

This donation is part of the project called Migration flows of Salvadorans to the United States, sponsored by the IOM Development Fund, aimed to reinforce the actions taken by the Salvadoran consular network in the protection of migrants. This is also achieved through the transfer of expertise on human rights, especially in the care of vulnerable people, and applicable regulations in countries of transit and destination. Also, aid is provided for research and analysis of migration flows, as well as for the development of a model of integration of returned people.

"As the Government of El Salvador, we deeply appreciate the cooperation we received at different times from IOM, always with the purpose of combining efforts to provide assistance and protection of migrant’s human rights. That is why we consider them strategic partners in everything we do”, said the deputy minister Magarín.

For more information, please contact Alba Miriam Amaya, IOM El Salvador, Guatemala and Honduras at: [email protected]