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Wednesday, February 24, 2016


The International Organization for Migration (IOM) officially handed over medical equipment to the Ministry of Health in order to strengthen the capacity to assist mobile populations, which also contributes so that El Salvador can reach the Sustainable Development Goals.

The event was led by the Minister of Health, Violeta Menjivar, and IOM’s Chief of Mission for El Salvador, Guatemala and Honduras, Jorge Peraza Breedy.

The donated medical equipment includes wheelchairs, oxygen tanks and stretchers that will be delivered to nine International Sanitary Offices in the borders of Citalá, Anguiatú, San Cristóbal, Las Chinamas, La Hachadura, Pasaquina, Acajutla, Puerto de La Unión and at the Mons. Óscar Arnulfo Romero y Galdámez International Airport. This equipment is destined to address the health needs of migrants in transit, returned Salvadorans and fragmented families due to migration. Thus, the services will be provided to the communities.

The donation was given in the framework of the project Strengthening capacities of governments of El Salvador, Nicaragua, Honduras and Guatemala to Address Migrant Health from a multisectoral approach, which involved an investment of USD $ 300,000.00 from IOM's Development Fund.

Studies carried out by IOM in the region have demonstrated that migration is a determinant of health for both people migrating as for the communities they are from. For example, in Honduras, 50 percent of the population surveyed by IOM said that family disease had worsened after the departure of a relative. In Nicaragua, returning migrants said to have suffered from nervous disorders due to difficulties in the insertion process. Meanwhile, 70.2 percent of returned Salvadorans think that migration poses a risk to life, integrity and health. In Guatemala, 27.7 percent of the returned population said that they had suffered from hypertension, diabetes, lung or heart disease.

IOM recognizes the progress that has been made to date on health of migrants from El Salvador and reiterates its commitment to continue supporting overcoming existing challenges through institutional strengthening and support in the development of public policies.

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For more information, please contact Alba Miriam Amaya, OIM El Salvador, Guatemala y Honduras Email: [email protected]