Our Partners

Partnerships provide an important platform for advancing cooperation on migration. IOM plays a key role in supporting partnerships and the means to collaborate at national, regional and global levels for better and more effective migration management. IOM promotes dialogues between States and cooperation among agencies, and involves various stakeholders including civil society and migrants, as both agents and subjects of migration. In helping to develop and strengthen partnerships on migration, IOM provides substantive, expert and organizational assistance to governments and other institutions.

Government institutions

IOM works closely with governments in promoting migration management that ensures humane and orderly migration that is beneficial to migrants and societies.

In El Salvador, IOM works closely with: 

Intergovernmental Organizations

IOM has a long standing and extensive working relationship with the United Nations (UN) on several levels. There are three formal elements on which IOM's overall relationship with the United Nations is based: The first is the observer status in the UN General Assembly, which IOM obtained in 1992. The second is IOM's inclusion by the General Assembly as a standing invitee in the Inter-Agency Stanting Committee (IASC). The third element is the Cooperation Agreement between IOM and the UN, which was signed in 1996 and provides a formal basis for a closer collaboration between the two secretariats. In El Salvador, the agencies that we work with are:

Civil Society

IOM cooperates closely with international organizations, governmental and non-governmental, concerned with migration, refugees and human resources in order, inter alia, to facilitate the coordination of international activities in these fields. Such cooperation is carried out in the mutual respect of the competencies of the organizations concerned. 

Cooperation between IOM and NGOs occurs in various contexts and reflects the diverse relationships between the two actors. NGOs might be collaborators with IOM, service providers or project implementers, donors, beneficiaries of IOM technical cooperation, grant recipients, or service recipients. IOM and NGOs may act as equal partners, or complement each other's activities. In El Salvador, IOM works closely with: